Growing up in Puerto Rico, I developed a strong connection to the ocean. I love the beach, big water, and coastal scenes. In Minnesota, I've learned to translate that love to freshwater lakes. This gallery showcases my exploration of coasts and shorelines, which will always draw my interest and curiosity.
Layers in the Mist 2Jupiter ShiningLake Mývatn SunsetOvercast HvítserkurHimatangi DriftwoodCabo Rojo Arch SunsetBreakwater ExplorerAurora HaloWinter HatAbandoned in the LandscapeVolcanic Rock SunriseMoody NuggetsLone Rock SunsetBeach DiamondsThe Night SentinelLayers in the Mist 1Palisade AurorasMar Chiquita SunriseBWCA Double Sun Star SunsetCastle Point Sunset