Photography would not be as fulfilling to me if the images were destined to live in a hard drive and hardly see the light of day. Art shows give me the opportunity to connect with a broad audience and engage in meaningful conversations about artistic process or individual pieces. I am often surprised at the way in which someone sees a particular image, and the meaning that they may derive from it. I do art shows because they help me build real connections with my audience. A “very nice work” at an art show, coming from someone who has spent significant time studying a piece, is way more rewarding than a social media “like”. If photography is a tool that helps me reconnect with nature, shows help me to connect with others.

So please come out and let's chat about nature and photography. While sales are fun, I do the shows for the connections, and always appreciate anyone who drops by for conversation. I only do two to three shows a year, and the best way to keep track is to follow my social media accounts (links in the header), where I always announce and promote an upcoming show.