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As a Minnesota resident, I shoot mostly in the state. Minnesota's subtle beauty is often underappreciated, overshadowed in the nation's photographic narrative by the wonders of the great western landscapes. Yet Minnesota is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with vibrant natural and cultural landscapes, and this gallery is a celebration of all the things that the State has to offer.
Towards DowntownSaint Croix SteamBWCA Bark 1Wild Lupine SunsetRedbud BloomFog ShovelLight Through the Trees 1Ferris Wheel FriesThe Night SentinelFall FireballFraternalWinter's VeilMinneapolis at NightPathway to AutumnWildflower SkylineStrawberry MoonLayers in the Mist 1Solitary BirchBean Lake AutumnLight Through the Trees 2