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Photography has taken me to mind-blowingly beautiful places. I've been fortunate to explore landscapes that, if I had not visited, I would not have believed existed. These experiences have also inspired me to seek out beautiful scenes close to home. This diverse collection of wide-angle images showcases some of the incredible vistas I have witnessed.
Expansive Canyonlands SunsetLupines in PinkPeyto LightGrasslandsAuroras and HeadlightsSubway LightLupine LayersLayer CakeHaifoss SunshowersIcelandic Lupine PerspectiveDesert StarsSunflower SunsetDettifoss SunriseDouble Arch Sun StarBean Lake AutumnKirkjufell DawnWild Lupine SunsetGrasses and SunflowersSunset ReefMidnight Lupine