If you are looking for a large (over 24”) or custom print, please contact me for an estimate. I sell reproductions in many mediums including acrylic, metal, canvas, and fine art prints. Each type has its own advantages and limitations, and I will be happy to discuss these with you. I print some work myself, and also work with a variety of labs - each of which offers specific, sometimes unique, product options. If you are not sure what you are looking for, I will help you find the right product for your needs. 


Looking for something convenient and quick? I offer a limited selection of paper and metal prints that you can buy through this website. Just click “buy” on an image to see the options. Website orders are serviced by a reputable national printing lab which will fulfill the order and ship directly to you. I just receive a happy email that I made a sale! Selecting an item will place it on your shopping cart. You can then customize your purchase by going to the shopping cart and clicking on the item name. Below is a description of the options for each product:

PRINTS: You can customize your print by adding a Luster coating (especially a good idea if the print will not be protected by glass), adding styrene mounting (to prevent warping of the paper when framing), or ordering your image pre-matted and framed. If you buy a framed image, you can choose between a white or a black mat, and a variety of frame finishes. 

METALS: You can select the mount for your metal print: a float mount for wall mounting (the print will seem to elegantly float in front of the wall), an easel for sitting on a horizontal surface, or no mount at all (if you intend to frame your metal print, for example).


The most common mistake is to buy an image that is too small for your space, which can make a room feel barren. The best solution? Use blue tape on your wall so that you can visualize exactly how big of an image you want. Keep in mind that if you are hanging a framed print, the mat and frame will help fill up the space. Unframed prints, such as acrylics and metals, will only take up the exact size of the print. Below are some examples to help you visualize image sizes in relation to a small and a large couch:

In the small couch example above, the 24x36 is probably as large as you'd want to go, and may look too big to some people. The 16x24 is on the small side, but could still work. The 12x18 is way too small, but framing it helps it take up more space. In this space I'd suggest a 20x30 to split the difference between large and medium. With a larger couch and bigger wall area, the 24x36 fits much better (in fact, you could even go bigger!). The 16x24 is small, but framing it helps. If the cost of a large print is prohibitive, you can always choose to use a collection of smaller prints instead. Combinations of 2-3 images can make for an even more interesting wall display. 


There are many spaces in the house where smaller images work perfectly as well. The examples below depict 12x18 images in areas where they work nicely. In many of these, you could use one or more smaller images (such as 8x12) to add an accent to a space. 

Of course, there are times to go big! Images in the 4'-6' range are common in larger spaces. This is especially true for commercial buildings. Printing images that size requires additional processing to ensure they look good, and there are certain mediums (like canvas) that allow for larger printing without exorbitant cost. Below is the impact of a 32x48 image on a large conference space. Again, please contact me directly if you're interested in purchasing a large sized print.

Still not sure what you need? I am here to help! Send me a note and I'll do my best to guide you in the right direction. If you show me a photo of your space, I can help with image and size selection, and may even be able to help you visualize what the image(s) will look like on your wall. Regardless of what you choose, thank you for your support!


If you are interested in licensing an image, please contact me for a quote. Most of my images may be licensed for marketing, editorial, and other uses. There are many variables that impact licensing prices, including: the intended use (print and/or digital), target market and expected distribution, the duration of the license, the image resolution requested, and whether the license is exclusive. Please include as much of that information as possible in your request. If you have a set budget, it will expedite the conversation if you include that as well. If you are a tax-exempt organization that champion environmental and social justices causes, I may be willing to offer a discount on licensing as an in-kind donation.