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There are few experiences more immersive than being near to - and photographing - flowing water. The hypnotizing flow and sound, and refreshing mist, make me feel like I could observe it endlessly. If there is water nearby, there's I good chance I will go explore and photograph it.
Rush of EnergyAgainst the FlowFallen Over the FallsFalls at Gollum's PoolMossy CanyonSeljalandsfoss SunsetKettle River ConvergenceDettifoss SunriseCavern WaterfallParakaunui FallsSeljalandsfoss EveningKirkjufell DawnHengifoss SpotlightHaifoss SunshowersWaterfalls BackstageThe Subway PoolsForest Creek LightGodafoss MorningFairyland FallsCarving